Owning a Morning Mist Labrador is an adventure.

At morning mist, we stay respectful to heritage and genetics to ensure that your Labrador can serve any purpose. To us, the most important purpose is being your family’s life long partner no matter what activity! Owning a Labrador is unlike any other experience, especially when that Labrador is a Morning Mist.

Morning Mist Labradors


Your Morning Mist Labrador was bred to perform. Each lab from our kennel is bred to be a winner and will make you proud on any professional stage. With proper care and attention to detail, your labrador will make a great showing at any top level events.

Morning Mist Labradors


Your Lab has been built for the hunt. Its part of their DNA. Each Morning Mist Labrador is bred with the focused instinct that is required for a dog on the hunt. When you purchase a Morning Mist Labrador, their hunting heritage has been bred for many generations. There is no comparison to hunting with a Labrador, and “Life’s to short to hunt with an ugly dog.”

Morning Mist Labradors


No matter what the performance purpose of your labrador, family is most important. Labradors are almost always the perfect choice for your family. Loyal, kind, attentive, and friendly, Morning Mist Labradors pass the ultimate test of friendship and love for your family.