Our Breeding Program Process

three lovely Labradors, head shot
Any and All of our breeding stock are carefully picked from the top bloodlines in the world, including our own bloodlines.   All parents are DNA Screened and must be free of any hereditary defects before we will even consider using them as a parent.   A combination of DNA Screening, OFA X Rays, and being cleared of PRA allows to put a HEALTH GUARANTEE on our pups with absolute confidence that you will not have a bad experience due to hereditary problems.    This is VERY important when choosing a breeder and a puppy so that you don’t end up with a poorly bred dog costing you thousands in vet bills only to find out that you can’t help your friend.     We do NOT want anybody to experience that, so we do things the right way.
All pups leave with a complete physical examination from a quality local veterinarian,  necessary shots, wormings, etc.
We like to keep in contact with owners of the puppies that leave here to see how they are doing, no matter what they are doing.    We enjoy hearing of the quality companions that they become, as well as of their field and show accolades.
Our bloodlines have been proven in Show and Field Competitions,  as hunters, pets, companion dogs, service dogs, Search & Rescue dogs, law enforcement dogs, and more.