Morning Mist Labradors are bred for Performance

Morning Mist Labradors are dual Purpose. We breed our dogs to be competition ready while still maintaining physical abilities and hunting instincts. Our unique approach to breeding means your Morning Mist Labrador will be able to perform both on and off the center stage. For over 30 years dogs from our bloodlines have been champions in show and field competitions, and your Lab will compete on the most important stage: your home.

Morning Mist Labradors


Where your Lab comes from is important. Whether your looking for a performance ready dog or a life long companion, their bloodlines will define their entire lives. Morning Mist Labradors lineage has been consistent with the top breeders in the world and our affiliates include Shamrock Acres Kennels, Killingworth Labradors, Sailins Labradors, Belquest Farms Labradors, Bounty Grant Farms Labradors, Mergansers, Paradise Kennels, Yellow Rose Labradors, Shut’s Pointing Labradors and more.

Morning Mist Labradors


Morning Mist Sires and Dams are genetically screened to ensure honesty to the breed, and bloodline longevity. If you are looking for a show class dog that hunts, or a hunting dog that is show quality, look no further. Morning Mist labs will always pass the most important test of all: being your family’s best friend.