Morning Mist Labradors

Our goal at Morning Mist Labradors is to produce Dual Purpose Labradors – Labrador Retrievers that have the confirmation and looks to compete in the show ring as well as have the physical abilities and hunting instincts to be among the best hunting retrievers in the world.    Dogs from our bloodlines have done well in show and field competitions for over 30 years.

Morning Mist Labradors Yellow Male


Our bloodlines include quality Labradors from our own bloodline development efforts over the years and from other well known breeders such as Shamrock Acres Kennels, Killingworth Labradors, Sailins Labradors, Belquest Farms Labradors, Bounty Grant Farms Labradors, Mergansers, Paradise Kennels, Yellow Rose Labradors, Schut’s Pointing Labradors, and more.

Morning Mist Labradors Black Male


If you are looking for a show dog that can hunt, or a hunting dog that can show,  or just a high quality pet, look no further.   Any of our boys and girls are ready to be your best friend forever.